What nappy should I choose?

We thought that it would be useful to have a table explaining what type of nappy is what at a glance. 

All of our nappies have descriptions on their pages. Not all of our products are shown on this page. These are just examples. 

We hope this helps! Especially if you are new to using cloth nappies.


All In One 






A nappy with the absorbency sewn onto the water resistant outer. No prep needed it’s ready to go. Some come with poppers (snaps) others come with Velcro. 

         Little Lovebum 

All in two











A nappy with the absorbency insert separate to the water resistant outer. The absorbent part of these nappies secure in to the outer waterproof shell. Most secure in the shell with poppers. These can generally be removed and the shell reused a number of times. These are good for fast drying as the absorbent part of the Nappy can be removed and air dried seperate from the shell. 



Bear Bott 






Water resistant shell with an opening to stuff the absorbent insert(s) in to. These are good for fast drying as the pocket cover can be dried seperate to the absorbent inserts. 







An absorbent nappy with no waterproofing, requires a wrap over the top. Most commonly used for night time nappies. 



Petit Lulu Fitted Night Nappy




Provides a water resistant layer over the top of a fitted, or flat nappy. 


Petit Lulu Pull up wrap

Muslinz wrap with a double gusset




1. Pre folds which lay flat inside a wrap. 




Muslinz pre folds


2. Muslins and Terry Towels can be used as flats, but generally work best folded into a nappy, and secured by a nappy nippa and then covered with a waterproof wrap. 



 Muslinz Coloured Muslin Squares







These are great for adding extra absorbency to all styles of nappies. These come in a variety of fabrics. Please see our separate information. All about the Boost. 


AppleCheeks 3ply Bamboo Booster