TIOMatik Electric Replacement Heads


TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads in Lagoon & Pebble

The TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads are made from plant based plastics with sugar cane as its main component.  It has been designed to be used with the Braun and Oral B electric toothrushes. Except the Sonic toothrush. Therefore compatible with most brands of rotating electronic toothbrushes.

In conclusion. The shaft and housing of the TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads are made of plant-based plastic with sugar cane as its main component. The rotary disc is made of cellulose mix while only the axle consists of a fossil based technical plastic. This is required due to the high mechanical stress on the head.

TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads

The TIOMATIK plant based replacement heads come in 2 colours and has 4 different coloured rings for identification.

  • Compatible with BRAUN and Oral-B (Not Sonic)

  • Lagoon & Pebble in colour

  • Castor oil bristles

  • 2 colours and 4 different coloured rings for identification

TIO packaging

The pakaging is made from FSC certified cardboard


About TIO

TIO is more than just a toothbrush. With TIO we want to prove in our own way that pollution can be avoided. Because the sustainable redesign of an everyday object, such as a toothbrush, which billions of people use every day, can have a huge, positive impact on our environment.

The leading manufacturers of dental care prefer investing their energy into developing unnecessary extra features to maximize profits rather than to worry about waste reduction and sustainability. This is why we have decided to take a different path with TIO.

We are very happy about the products we have created already with a lot of effort and passion. At the same time, we also want to set a fundamental precedent and inspire change. It proves that it’s worthwhile to question the status quo more often in order to come up with unexpected and more sustainable solutions.

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Brand:  Tiomatik

TIOMatik Electric Replacement Heads

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