Little Lovebum Microfibre Booster Pad


Nappy insert/pad. This microfibre booster by Little Lovebum is a great booster to add to a nappy combination - particularly great with the popper and pockets. Microfibre is fast at absorbing and is best if placed closest to your baby/toddler when used in a nappy. These microfibre boosters have a stay-dry liner on top to ensure that the microfibre doesn't sit next to your child's skin. Some key features of this insert are:

  • It has a popper and a stay-dry liner so it can be popped onto the nappy or it can be laid in without the microfiber touching the skin.
  • Or you can stuff it into the pocket of your nappy.
  • The m/l is suitable for older babies and toddlers. The sml is suitable for newborns.
  • Great option for babies who flood wee.
  • It is made from 100% Polyester.

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Brand:  Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum Microfibre Booster Pad

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