All about the Boost

We understand that getting the absorbency right in your nappy can really make or break how much you get on with reusable nappies. No one wants their baby's nappy leaking after all. Ideally with the right level of absorbency you should be able to get between 2-4hours out of a nappy for your child. Depending on whether your child is a light/heavy wetter. 

We thought that the table below would be useful to help to explain the different types of boosters and where they should be placed in a nappy. 


Natural or Synthetic

Speed of Absorbency


Microfibre Synthetic Fast High - high leakage
Cotton Natural Fast High - low leakage
Bamboo Natural Slow High - medium leakage
Bamboo/Cotton Blend Natural Slow High - low leakage
Hemp Natural Slow High - low leakage


Those that are fast absorbing (green) should be paired with those that are slower absorbing (red) for a more absorbent nappy overall. This is also true of those with high (red) and low (green) leakage. Looking at our table it will always be effective to pair a green and red booster together. However, the one exception is if you need more absorbency for night nappies then those that are slower at absorbing will be perfect for the job and more than one can be used, without the faster absorbing fabrics. 

Make sure boosters when placed in a nappy are placed in the order of the table - so Microfibre would be at the top and cotton and below in the table would be placed underneath.  

An example of a night nappy might be a bamboo fitted nappy, with a cotton booster inside the nappy on top of the bamboo nappy. Then a Bamboo and a hemp booster on the outside of the nappy. Between the nappy and the wrap.

Please note it is not safe to have microfibre directly in contact with baby's bottom as this will cause skin damage. It will be ok if the microfibre booster/absorbent part of the nappy is covered by a stay dry or fleece fabric as these will wick moisture away from the baby's bottom. All other natural fabrics are safe to be next to baby's bottom. However, you may find that using a fleece liner helps to keep moisture away from baby's bottom more effectively. This will help to prevent nappy rash.