About Us

Gingerly Eco was born out of our love for the world we live in and our passion for making eco-swaps. We love taking simple steps to living a more sustainable lifestyle. We value the world we live in and know that the future for our children is going to be impacted by how we care for our planet now. Every change we make, makes a difference for them. We believe that eco-living shouldn't be difficult and products should be ethically made and easily accessible to all. We set up our store to bring the products that we love together under one roof.
We stock reusable nappies, organic & ethically made clothing, ethically made children's toys, eco-friendly products for the home and fair trade chocolate. All the products we stock are by brands that we support the ethics and ethos of.
Here at Gingerly Eco we are passionate about helping others to make eco-swaps and helping to save the planet. That's why stocking amazing products that are natural, organic, ethical, fair trade, responsibly sourced and those that help us reduce waste is important to us. 
We hope that you will write your own story with us as you discover and use more of the fun sustainable products which we stock. 
We’d love to hear your story so be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @gingerlyeco 
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